异国他乡文明游客的自我修养守则(上) 认领文章 
With summer in the Northern Hemisphere and peak travel season just around the corner, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and anticipation of journeying abroad. But before you pack your bags, there are a few things to remember so you don't become an ugly, faux pas-committing tourist. 1. You don't respect the country's cultural norms and dress inappropriately. We have to draw the line when it comes to dressing inappropriately on someone else's turf. For example, many (阅读全文)
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英闻天天译: 节水, 从厕所开始
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How robots mess with our minds 认领文章 
Robots can make you do surprising things, says Alexander Reben, whose talking bots have elicited secrets from passers-by, festival-goers and even astronauts.One day in April 2010, a man in his mid-30s happened to wander into the Media Lab at MIT in Boston and encountered a friend of mine. After chatting for a while and being polite, my friend asked him: “What do you do here?” The man explained that he was a runner from the Boston marathon who was stuck in the city because of a volcan(阅读全文)
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外媒:化石燃料时代的终结? 认领文章 
七国集团峰会呼吁到2050年为止要完成从电力生产到清洁能源的转变。 七国集团峰会称,截止本世纪末,化石燃料不应应用于任何一个经济部门。 七国集团的目标并没有约束力,但对投资者清晰明确地传达了讯息,即从长远看,各经济体将由清洁能源驱动。 世界领导人适时有效地发出了讯号,终结了自工业革命起就驱动各经济体的化石燃料时代。 这是一个巨大的转变,也是领导人们对气候变化所带来威胁的认知,由德国总理默克尔发起。 七国集团的目标是到本世纪中叶,相比2010年,全球排放量减少40-70%。七国集团表示发达国家将协助欠发达国家----尤其非洲国家,助其开发使用清洁能源,适应未来的气候变化。 七国集团承诺,会随气候变暖重点关注天气灾害所带来的风险,称会对最穷困地区施以保险救助和保护。 七国领导同样承诺将就能源效益加强合作,英国气候大使大卫·金力促携手相关国家共同研究清洁能源的研发和示范使用。 接下来,世界领导人将把上述决议纳入会议议程,就气候问题达成全球一致,会议将于今年在巴黎召开。 但仍有严峻的问题尚未解决。科学家和环保主义者指责七国(阅读全文)
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史上最逗比秀恩爱照:我和我的墨西哥卷女友 认领文章 
There's no greater love than that between a man and his burrito.In response to the countless engagement and wedding photos on his Facebook newsfeed, San Francisco-based writer David Sikorski recently took some engagement pics with the love of his life: the carne asada burrito from Taqueria La Cumbre in the city's Mission District.With that, Bakrevski, Sikorski and burrito set off to take photos in some of San Francisco's most iconic and beautiful locations. They took a long, languid stroll(阅读全文)
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企鹅中的旱鸭子:落水后死命挣扎愁煞饲养员 认领文章 
The flightless bird has been going to pretty extreme lengths to avoid getting her feathers wet, including trying to take off. Alistair said: ‘At first it didn’t seem like she was ever going to get the hang of it, she certainly hasn’t taken to it like a duck to water.’ But let’s have a little faith, you guys. These pictures from one of Charlotte’s recent swimming lessons are… erm, promising. Sort of.This is Charlotte. She’s having a little bit of trouble right now thanks to a pret(阅读全文)
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味觉挑战:全球8大奇葩口味冰淇淋 敢吃吗?
1、啤酒味能尝试啤酒味的食物,说明我很有勇气。一家名叫Frozen Pints的冰淇淋公司发明了一系列的啤酒口味冰淇淋,包括棕色爱尔啤酒口味和蜂蜜IPA两种口味。 2、黄瓜味将蔬菜与冰淇淋组合在一起,乍看之下似乎不太自然。可事实上,这种组合口味的冰淇淋即清脆可口又清新怡人。许多人说这种口味尝起来像甜瓜,就好像加了奶油的雪葩一样。3、咖喱口味的冰淇淋这是这家冰淇淋店里的“异域风情”款冰淇淋之一,据说是甜味的,还有点椰子的口感。4、蜂蜜与墨西哥胡椒对于甜咸的经典组合我是完全支持的,可是这种味道却是我自己绝不会想到的。这种口味的冰淇淋来自丹佛的甜蜜行动冰淇淋连锁店,这款甜点的招牌特色是,黄瓜 丁淋上科罗拉多产的蜂蜜,加上新鲜的墨西哥胡椒,将这些配料全都混合在甜甜的冰淇淋里,就成了一款即甜美可有,又咸味悠长的甜点。5、熏鲑鱼冰淇淋这简直就是甜筒里的早中餐:香草冰淇淋加上碎状的熏鲑鱼,顶上再撒上碎盐。发明这种口味的冰淇淋的店里还有披萨口味和巧克力糖衣加薯条软糖口味的冰淇淋。6、蘑菇味当你初听到“蘑菇”与“冰淇淋”两个词组合起来的想法时,你的第一反应可能是皱起鼻子,说“恶心!”,不过,这款冰淇淋(阅读全文)
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支招:炎炎夏日如何保持凉爽 认领文章 
1. Keep cool in cottonChoosing the right fabric is essential if you want to stay cool in the heat. But it’s not just synthetic fabrics that should be avoided: silk and wool trap heat against your body by preventing warm air flowing out. Look out for cotton, linen and rayon that absorb moisture and allow air circulation.2. Let it all hang looseWear clothes that don’t cling to your body to allow more air. When you get dressed tomorrow morning avoid anything skin tight or body con (阅读全文)
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Chinese Parents of Yale Students Grow a Garden on Campus 认领文章 
An overgrown patch of land on the northern edge of Yale University is now filled with plenty of vegetables and spices - beans, scallions, tomatoes and cilantro, planted by parents from China whose children study and work here at the Ivy League school. The urban garden was founded and cultivated by students and their parents who have retired and come along to stay with their children. Parents from different cities of China have now made it a routine gathering to plant vegetables on t(阅读全文)
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你终将找到自己的节奏 认领文章 
We all find the rhythm. We all remember our first days of high-school, college, our first job. We all remember the feelings of butterflies in our stomachs when we took our first steps into those positions, the feeling that we were unqualified for what we were doing, that we didn’t belong. What if my coworkers don’t like me? What if I’m terrible at my work? What if I mess everything up? These are the thoughts that run through your mind during those first few days as (阅读全文)
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